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This tool includes 200 location-specific comfort and maintenance reports from a Crowdcomfort customer. Employees can report issues directly from their smartphones and send to the facilities team.

Can you find the two hidden trends?

Hint: Look for groups of hot/cold reports!

How We Capture The Data

1. Make The Floorplan Virtual

We take physical floorplans and turn them into virtual maps

2. Create Strategic Markers

We plot the positions of commonly used locations

3. Make It Physical Again

We place QR codes around the building and connect them to the virtual map.

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Problem Areas


Consistent Pattern: North Quadrant

14 Hot Calls in 12 Day Stretch

Time of Day- Hot/Cold Reports

Time of Day- Maintenance Reports

Time To Close (Days)

Welcome to the Human Sensor Network

Uncover buidling performance issues in record breaking time

What am I looking at?

This is 3 months of anonymous data from one CrowdComfort customer. It includes over 200 maintenace and comfort issues that were reported by employees with smartphones. These were then addressed by the facilities team at 5x the normal speed.

How do you know exactly where the issues occur?

There are over 350 locations throughout the building, which we plot on a virtual map (like Google Maps).

We then place QR codes at each location to create a physical marker.

When employees scan their phone at a QR code and send a picture, we have an instant geolocated report on the issue.

What can I learn from this?

It is totally up to you! Feel free to play around with the map. If you want a little hint... head over to Building 11, Floor 4 for an interesting HVAC trend.

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