Clean-Tech + CrowdComfort = Greater Cleaning Transparency

Clean-Tech's partnership with CrowdComfort enables complete cleaning transparency that ensures your education environments are safe and healthy through complete cleaning transparency.

  • Real-time tracking of cleaning efforts by type and location to ensure compliance throughout the day
  • Improved occupant confidence with visualizations of the last cleaning in your educational environments
  • Full digital audit trail of every cleaning for reduced risk with regulatory compliance
  • On-demand cleaning based on room usage
Clean-Tech Company Cleaning Maps HES

Clean-Tech Company Cleaning Maps & Analytics Overview Two Pager

This shares the features and functionality of Cleaning Maps & Analytics as well as the process for getting started.

Cleaning Improvement Case Study

How a Fortune 500 Organization Improved Cleaning Performance by 34%

This case study shares how this organization improved cleaning performance by 34%


You can use Clean-Tech & CrowdComfort to power the next level of experience for building occupants as they return to the office. Delivering unprecedented transparency, personal safety, and confidence.


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