Enhancity + CrowdComfort = Greater Cleaning Transparency for Healthcare Environments

Enhancity's partnership with CrowdComfort provides complete cleaning transparency for healthcare facilities ensuring that cleaning frequencies and procedures are tracked and completed to your standards.

  • Real-time tracking of cleaning efforts by type and location to ensure compliance throughout the day
  • Improved patient and employee confidence with more consistent cleaning activities
  • Full digital audit trail of every cleaning for reduced risk with regulatory compliance
Enhancity Cleaning Maps Healthcare

Enhancity Cleaning Maps & Analytics Overview for Healthcare Environments

This shares the features and functionality of Cleaning Maps & Analytics as well as the process for getting started.

Enhancity OSHA & CDC Compliance

OSHA & CDC Guidance & Compliance Guide - Enhancity

This guide shares the latest in OSHA & CDC Guidance and how Enhancity can help with Cleaning Maps & Analytics.


You can use Enhancity & CrowdComfort to power the next level of experience for building occupants. Delivering unprecedented transparency, personal safety, and confidence.


CrowdComfort has been deployed in over 100M square feet of real estate

Receive a personalized demo of the CrowdComfort solution and how we work with Enhancity.

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