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Improve Custodial Operations and Cleaning Quality with CrowdComfort

CrowdComfort partners with some of the largest K-12 school districts in the U.S. to give them full transparency and control over their custodial operations.

With mobile-first solutions and real-time analytics, K-12 school districts have seen:

  • Increased everyday cleaning performance by 35% based on district standards and expectations
  • Improved operational efficiency and staffing allocations to realize 5-10% cost savings on annual budget
  • Enhanced cleaning quality in schools using CrowdComfort by 20% based on APPA Level Scoring
  • Team performance data that makes it easy to identify, reward and retain top performers and up-level staff

Cleaning Maps Case Study - Chicago Public Schools

This case study shares the impact of the Chicago Public Schools cleaning validation program for over 150 schools was enabled by CrowdComfort's Cleaning Maps solution to improve operational efficiency, custodian happiness and overall cleaning quality.

CrowdComfort Cleaning Maps

See a 5 Minute Demo of the Cleaning Maps solution for K-12 School Districts

This shares how K-12 School Districts use CrowdComfort to drive better accountability and efficiency in their custodial operations.

Cleaning Maps K-12

CrowdComfort Cleaning Maps for K-12 Two Pager

This two pager shares the functionality and benefits of the Cleaning Maps solution and process for K-12 school districts.


You can use CrowdComfort to power the next level of experience for teachers, students and staff. We empower your teams to greatly improve the overall learning experience.


CrowdComfort has been deployed in over 100M square feet in K-12 school districts

Receive a personalized demo of the CrowdComfort solution for your school district.

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