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Mobile-first solutions that improve the occupant and facilities experience

CrowdComfort mobile solutions enable occupants and operations teams to collaborate on creating healthy, productive and responsive workplace environments for employees to thrive and excel.

  • Occupant driven, mobile first facilities requests that improve the employee experience
  • Mobile apps that will help your facilities team be more efficient, responsive and productive
  • Data & analytics that drive insights, ensure savings and integrate with your legacy systems

Trusted by forward-thinking, employee experience focused employers

We work with some of the largest employers in the U.S. (many in the Fortune 500) to drive exceptional employee workplace experiences with health & safety in mind


Mobile-first, data-rich, experience-driven facilities management solutions

At CrowdComfort, we pride ourselves on creating easy-to-use mobile applications that improve the employee workplace experience while enhancing efficiency and the happiness of your facilities teams.

Most importantly, we provide the flexibility to seamlessly fit into your existing ecosystem by integrating with your legacy technology stack and internal processes.

Facilities Management App


The employee experience layer for your facilities management operations

CrowdComfort's Facilities Management Mobile App enables your employees to simply report any workplace request (IT, hot/cold, facilities, amenities, health & safety, etc.) with a few clicks on their smartphone. Fully integrated with your CMMS or IWMS, your facilities team sees these requests in real-time and can respond directly to ask questions and quickly resolve any issues.

  • Easy-to-use mobile app that increases employee-driven requests across all types by over 100%
  • Easy to use management app for facilities team that cuts down resolution and admin time by over 500%
  • Data & analytics that are real-time, geolocated and category driven all while integrating with any IWMS, CMMS or other legacy system
CrowdComfort Cleaning Maps & Analytics


Cleaning validation and compliance that is 100% digital

Gone are the days of the clipboard on the back of the door. CrowdComfort provides a fully digital, auditable and reportable solution with industry-first visualizations of when every area of your facility or workplace has last been cleaned.

  • Easy to use mobile check out process for your janitorial team that takes seconds
  • 100% auditable reporting to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Real-time visualizations that show on your floor plans the areas that have been cleaned and not been cleaned based on your standards
  • Historical reporting and dashboards to track and optimize cleaning compliance, vendor performance, employee productivity and much more
Facilities Analytics


Real-time data and visualizations that drive insights and efficiency

CrowdComfort's Reporting and Analytics solution provides a one-stop shop to easily realize cost savings, team efficiencies and improve the employee experience. Most importantly, the data is rich with geo-location, category and time stamp data that is intrinsically captured every time.

  • Geo-located, real-time tracking of every service request and/or cleaning on your floor plans
  • 100% auditable reporting to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Real-time visualizations and alerts to provide insight into the work that needs to be done each day
  • Heat maps that can help drive building performance from energy efficiency to workplace design changes
  • Historical reporting and dashboards to improve performance, identify potential issues and better allocate resources

CrowdComfort's solutions provide tremendous value in a variety of physical environments

Corporate Campus

Corporate Campus

Provide quick and efficient on-demand services to employees on multi-building corporate campuses and multi-floor offices.

Pharma & Biotechnology

Serve lab technicians and other employees quickly, getting them the resources they need to accelerate their work and drive overall company revenue.

Healthcare Facilities Management


Hospitals, research centers and clinics are able to provide better patient and occupant experiences and better sanitation tracking for public spaces.

Higher Ed Facilities Management

Higher Education & K-12

Offer a high-level campus experience that delights students and staff and ensures team efficiency in serving large campus settings.

REITs Cleaning Technology

REITs & Landlords

Provide a better, more transparent experience to tenants to win new business and get renewals of current clients.

Facilities Services

Facilities Services

Ensure exemplary service to retain your customers while driving team efficiency to improve overall margins.

Janitorial & Cleaning Cleaning Technology

Cleaning & Janitorial

Provide more transparency to win new customers, better service to retain customers and improve team efficiency to drive higher margins.


We act as the mobile experience layer to connect your data and your systems across your real estate footprint. We seamlessly integrate with your back CMMS, IWMS and other legacy systems as well as complimentary solutions like room booking, sensors and workplace experience apps.

  • Real-time, bi-directional integrations to ensure data is at your fingertips
  • Workflow based automation to deliver more value from your facilities management stack
  • Reporting flexible enough to pull in data to support enhanced visualizations within our dashboards
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Corrigo CrowdComfort
ServiceChannel CrowdComfort
ServiceNow CrowdComfort
Archibus CrowdComfort
Service Insight
How a Pharma company saved $300,000 annually with mobile workplace requests

How a Pharma company saved $300,000 annually with mobile workplace requests

This case study shares the story of how a leading pharmaceutical organization saved over $300,000 by using the CrowdComfort solution.

How a F500 Company Identified over $100,000 in Cleaning Savings in 30 days

How a F500 Company Identified over $100,000 in Cleaning Savings in 30 days

This case study shares the story of how a large US employer used Cleaning Maps & Analytics to identify over $100,000 in savings in less than 60 days.

How a F500 Company Reduced Response Time by 80%

How a F500 Company Reduced Response Time by 80%

This case study shares how a F500 organization reduced response time by 80% with CrowdComfort vs. using their CMMS.


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