3 Innovations Driving Custodial Efficiency

by Zara Lokuge in July 8th, 2024

The role of janitorial and custodial operations is undergoing significant transformation with new technology, processes and data driving greater transparency and efficiency. 

These innovations aren't just changing the way we clean; they're revolutionizing how we manage, measure and improve our custodial operations. From sophisticated algorithms that optimize cleaning schedules to cutting-edge tools that elevate cleanliness standards, the potential for cleaning efficiency and quality is being elevated.

In this post we’ll take a look at innovations that can help drive better cleaning outcomes in your organization health, safety and productivity for your occupants. 

Chemicals and Disinfectants

Since COVID-19, we’ve seen a number of cleaning chemical and product enhancements that improve air quality and limit the transmission of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

UV-C technology is a significant innovation that offers a powerful tool for enhancing hygiene and safety through improved disinfection. So how does this technology work? 

UV-C light is a type of ultraviolet light that has been proven to eliminate pathogens with high efficiency from various surfaces. In turn, ultraviolet light can break down the DNA of bacteria and viruses, ensuring safety for occupants. Some specific advantages are that UV-C technology is eco-friendly as it uses less water and is more efficient because it can sanitize surfaces without residue.

Cleaning Mobile Apps for Custodial Staff

While there is innovation happening in automation and lighting, custodial operations will continue to remain a people-heavy operational activity. There has been a rise in equipping these labor-intensive field teams with devices that help validate their work, improve performance and protect them when being asked about their work.

The new product category of Cleaning Validation Software enables cleaning team members to accurately validate the when, what and where of the cleanings they do on a daily basis with imagery of the final cleaning result to ensure quality standards. This software enables:

  • Custodians to validate each and every cleaning by location
  • Custodians to submit work order related issues as they do their rounds
  • Managers to see what has been cleaned by location/building in real-time
  • Managers to reward custodian performance based on every day cleaning data

These insights empower janitorial staff to proactively ensure cleanliness and enable facility managers to optimize schedules and make informed decisions. Organizations are able to significantly enhance their cleaning quality, drive down their cleaning costs, and improve their team retention and cleaning outcomes through better recognition.

AI & Cleaning Machines

With the rise of AI, we are also seeing greater improvements in automation that can support and augment the cleaning done by our teams. One area where innovation is occurring is with autonomous floor scrubbers.

With improved sensors and AI capabilities, these floor scrubbers are becoming extremely efficient enabling them to better navigate complex environments. AI driven floor scrubbers enable cleaning teams to ensure better cleaning of larger common spaces while ensuring cleaning staff can focus on more complex, detailed cleaning work. 

This can help teams optimize cleaning routes for janitorial staff and adapt to conditions in real-time while elevating the cleanliness and longevity of flooring.

The Future of Custodial Operations

As custodial operations evolve, the decision to integrate advanced technologies such as UV-C disinfection, cleaning validation apps, and AI-driven cleaning machines becomes increasingly crucial. These innovations not only optimize cleaning processes but also empower custodial teams to deliver consistently high-quality results, improving occupant satisfaction. By leveraging these tools, organizations can revolutionize cleanliness and create a healthier environment for all. As we look towards the future of custodial operations, embracing these innovations will lead to more efficient cleaning practices that meet the modern needs of facilities management. 

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