Cleaning data that is digitized, actionable and geolocated

CrowdComfort Cleaning Maps & Analytics helps you measure your janitorial spend, ensuring that your team and/or vendors are cleaning every area of your space by your unique service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Realize vendor accountability to ensure what you're paying for is being done to your standards
  • Track all your cleaning efforts to comply with local, state and federal regulations with a full historical audit trail
  • Identify potential cost savings and operational efficiencies with customizable reporting and dashboards

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How it works

Cleaning Maps & Analytics can give you certainty in less than 30 days - certainty that your health & safety initiatives are completed for your employees, and certainty that your budgets are being utilized in the best way possible.

Indoor Geolocation CrowdComfort

1. Digitize

We digitize your floor plans and set up dedicated QR codes specifically tied to each cleaning area. Each area is set up to match your standards in terms of frequency (i.e. 2 times a day) and type (i.e. deep cleaning).

Validated Cleaning CrowdComfort

2. Launch

Your janitorial team and/or vendor partners use the mobile app during their rounds. They scan the QR code for each location, select the cleaning type and confirm cleaning was done. You can even optionally have them snap a picture.

Cleaning Maps Validation CrowdComfort

3. Improve

Your team receives a real-time feed of every cleaning on every floor based on your cleaning standards. Site leads can quickly understand what needs to be done and route teams to any issues. Most importantly, all data is shared in pre-built dashboards to review cleaning compliance and team performance.


Features & Functionality

Our patented geo-located mobile app and analytics can help you digitize all your cleaning efforts for greater transparency for your team, employees and leadership. All cleanings are tracked and validated to ensure you comply with the rules and regulations you set forth.

Cleaning Digital Audit Trail

Complete cleaning audit trail in minutes not weeks

No need to worry about storing cleaning documentation in case you need it. With a few clicks you can have a fully digital audit trail of every cleaning in every location to comply with federal, state and local regulations.

  • Fully digitized cleaning data that is stored in perpetuity
  • Export data into a variety of data formats (i.e. Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.) across the specific date ranges and locations you specify
  • Easily make changes to your cleaning service level agreements (SLAs) by room type, cleaning type and/or frequency to comply with evolving regulations

Cleaning insights to ensure health & safety and optimize cleaning spend

Our Cleaning Maps and Analytics dashboards can help your team not only ensure a safe & healthy environment for employees on a daily basis but also provide data to improve efficiency with your janitorial team and partners.

  • Track cleaning compliance across your real estate footprint
  • Understand under-cleaning and over-cleaning happening across your portfolio based on your cleaning standards
  • Evaluate your cleaning staff and/or vendor partners based on their compliance with your unique needs and standards
CleaningMaps CrowdComfort

Vendor and team accountability in real-time

Quickly track the real-time performance and operations of your cleaning staff and vendors. Over time, evaluate the performance of partners and team members with our cleaning compliance dashboards and analytics.

  • Identify high performers on your cleaning teams
  • Manage accountability with your cleaning vendors across your real estate footprint
  • Optimize your cleaning budget and spend by identifying under- and over-cleaning for your sites based on your standards
Cleaning Compliance Case Study

Case Study: How a F500 company reduced risk and identified cleaning savings in 30 days

See how we partnered with a large F500 organization to provide them with full cleaning data and analytics in less than 30 days.

This shares how they used the data to identify over $100,000 in potential cleaning savings within their health & safety budget.


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