Frequently Asked Questions of CrowdComfort Solutions

Here are some of the most common questions about the CrowdComfort solutions and approach.

  • How is CrowdComfort's geo-location methodology different from others?

    Our patented process for digitizing your floor plans and leveraging QR codes to create a Google Maps like experience is pretty unique.

    The biggest difference with us is that by scanning a QR code to submit a workplace requests or cleaning automatically includes location to our analytics. In other solutions, it typically is inputted through lists or not at all. This often results in inaccurate data and many headaches for the facilities team.

  • How long does it take to implement CrowdComfort in my facilities?

    It can take less than 30 days from the date you say “go” to the date when CrowdComfort is activated in your building. This includes set-up, training and launch of the solution in your floor plans.

  • Do we have to buy both solutions? Can both solutions leverage the same QR codes?

    The answer is no. While we have many customers who use both the Workplace Request App and Cleaning Maps, it is not a requirement.

    The biggest benefit, however, is that the QR codes we deploy for one of the solutions can quickly and easily be updated to leverage the other solution ensuring less confusion and implementation chaos.

  • Can CrowdComfort be used with other solutions?

    Yes, CrowdComfort can be used a standalone or used as an updated front end to an existing CMMS and/or IWMS solutions. We also have integrated with other employee apps where needed.

  • What benefits have customers seen when integrating with their CMMS and/or IWMS?

    There are four main benefits we see with the integrations.

    First, identification and resolution of issues occurs much faster. Employees are much more likely to report a request and we auto-route the request to the right facilities management teams with the information they need to resolve issues faster. All while not worrying about entering work order data.

    Second, the data becomes more complete. Not only does the work order information sync automatically with the CMMS and/or IWMS but it includes more complete information. From pinpoint geo-location on the floor plan to photos of the issue, it provides a more complete work order record.

    Third, employees are kept "in the know" on issues and are automatically asked for experience scores when a request has been resolved. We've seen submission rates of this survey of over 50%, which is high for the industry.

    Fourth, we ensure duplicate issues are removed. As part of the submission process, occupants can confirm if their request is a current open request or a new issue. This significantly decreases duplicate work orders.

  • What is the Human Sensor Network?

    Sensors have become a hot topic in real estate technology. For us, we are tapping into the power of crowdsourcing to improve efficiency and collaboration.

    The Human Sensor Network is about using employees and their smartphones to provide feedback in the physical space and making it easy to do so. Human beings are the ultimate intelligent system with the ability to communication a request with the least ambiguity and the most context.

  • What do I need to provide to get CrowdComfort set up in my space?

    All we need is a set of floor plans to get started. We then digitize these floor plans and input your locations and map the locations into our platform. Once this is done, the location of every incoming service request and/or cleaning can be determined within a matter of feet.

Solutions built to ensure safe, healthy and productive environments for employees and facilities team

At CrowdComfort, we specialize in mobile-first solutions that help your team be more productive and efficient. Every solution includes real-time, geo-located data and analytics enabling your teams to quickly identify improvements and act on them immediately for instant value.

With the Return to the Office, we are helping large organizations provide an enhanced employee experience with our Mobile Workplace Request and Cleaning Maps & Analytics solutions.

Mobile Workplace Request App

Mobile Workplace Request App

Our Mobile Workplace Request App enables employees to easily submit workplace requests with the type, location and imagery needed to quickly resolve the request. These requests are routed in real-time to your facilities team with alerts and real-time communication to employees for a better experience for employees and facilities.

Cleaning Maps & Analytics

Our Cleaning Maps & Analytics enable your team to have real-time data on compliance with your health & safety standards including cleaning, sanitization and air filter changes. Give employees greater confidence in the procedures you have in your office while driving full accountability with your cleaning vendors and team.


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