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Ensuring your lab technicians and staff are as productive as possible

CrowdComfort helps you ensure your lab technicians and employees have what they need to be productive and successful. With our mobile solutions, your facilities and lab services teams are able to respond and resolve employee requests 200% more quickly, helping the bottom line.

  • Easy mobile process for employees to submit workplace requests for what they need to get work done
  • Auto-routing of requests based on GMP compliance requirements
  • Real-time cleaning & sanitation tracking to ensure health & safety of all employees and staff

Create a mobile-first, data-driven lab services experience with CrowdComfort

At CrowdComfort, our solution enhances your existing systems to provide an employee focused solution that your facilities teams will love. Our mobile first solutions include our patented geolocation technology and enterprise grade posture to help provide high-touch, high-frequency facilities services to your lab teams and employees.


Employee Experience Focused

Our employee facing solutions enable you to collaborate with employees. Eliminate the need for calls and email by enabling employees to quickly submit requests with a few clicks on their mobile device.

GMP Compliance

GMP System Compliant

Not all requests need to be passed through your costly GMP process. We help you identify and auto-route requests to the right team to ensure GMP requests are processed correctly and other requests can be resolved quickly.


Personalized Geo-located Data

Facilities data without location, types or images is worthless! Every request includes detailed information on the type of request and where in your facilities the request is located on your floor plan.


Enterprise Grade

Large footprints and campuses are where we thrive. From SSO to security to integrations, we are built to serve enterprise organizations out of the box.

Real-time Actionable Analytics

We ensure you have access to all of your data in real-time with dashboards and analytics fully configurable for your organization and on your floor plans.

Facilities Management Technology Case Study

Case Study: How a leading pharmaceutical company saves over $300,000 with CrowdComfort

This case study shares how a leading pharmaceutical organization saved over $300,000 with CrowdComfort by automating their request process to auto-provision requests based on GMP requirements.

Solutions built to ensure safe, healthy and productive environments for employees and facilities team

At CrowdComfort, we specialize in mobile-first solutions that help your team be more productive and efficient. Every solution includes real-time, geolocated data and analytics that enable your teams to quickly identify improvements and act on them immediately for instant value.

We've helped countless organizations serve lab and essential staff during the pandemic providing an enhanced employee experience with our Mobile Workplace Request and Cleaning Maps & Analytics solutions.

Mobile Workplace Request App

Mobile Workplace Request App

Our Mobile Workplace Request App enables employees to easily submit workplace requests with the type, location and imagery needed to quickly resolve the request. These requests are routed in real-time to your facilities team with alerts and real-time communication to employees for a better experience for employees and facilities.

Cleaning Maps & Analytics

Our Cleaning Maps & Analytics enable your team to have real-time data on compliance with your health & safety standards including cleaning, sanitization and air filter changes. Give employees greater confidence in the procedures you have in your office while driving full accountability with your cleaning vendors and team.


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