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Scheduled Maintenance Transparency Ensures Work Gets Done On Time, Every Time.

CrowdComfort's Scheduled Maintenance & Inspections helps facilities leaders digitally track any routine or scheduled task, inspection or activity across their facilities locations.

This includes regular inspections, security rounds, groundskeeping, landscaping, snow removal and other continuous jobs. Team members who carry out the inspections will scan one of our QR codes and then verify the status of the task (successful or unsuccessful) with alerts for failed reviews or inspections.

  • QR code scanning by asset and location for easy data entry
  • Fully configurable to track and validate inspections across any scheduled task for internal teams and vendors
  • Complete audit trail of every scheduled maintenance activity and/or inspection with only a few clicks

How it works:

Scheduled Maintenance doesn't only give you the assurance that work is getting done on time, but that it is quality work as well. The certainty that your maintenance & safety initiatives are completed for your employees on schedule, keeps everything on track and working how it should.

1. Digitize

CrowdComfort will digitize your floor plans and set up dedicated QR codes specifically tied to each area where a task is assigned. Each area is set up to match your standards in terms of frequency (i.e. 2 times a day) and type (i.e. deep cleaning, battery changes).

2. Launch

Your janitorial team and/or vendor partners use the mobile app during their rounds. They scan the QR code for each scheduled maintenance task at each location and then confirm that the task was completed. You can even have them snap a picture to ensure quality.

3. Track

Your team receives a real-time feed of every scheduled task on every floor based on your benchmarks. Site leads can quickly understand what needs to be done and route teams to any issues.

Most importantly, all data is shared in pre-built dashboards to review cleaning compliance and team performance over time, as well as provide an audit trail.


Features & Functionality

Our patented geo-located mobile app and analytics can help you digitize and track all of your scheduled maintenance tasks, facilitating greater transparency for your team, employees, and leadership. Easily track the success or incompletion of important routine tasks to keep everything running smoothly.

Cleaning Digital Audit Trail

A centralized way to view all scheduled tasks and inspections across locations.

One quick and easy way to access data on all of your routine tasks in case you need it. With a few clicks, you can access a full digital audit trail of every task that was completed in all locations to comply with all regulations and your company's targets. This can be done across internal teams or across multiple third party vendors.

  • Fully digitized scheduled maintenance and inspections data that is stored in perpetuity.
  • Easily filter by location, category, or activity to access detailed data on the last inspection or task and upcoming activity dates.
  • Ability to track internal team task completion as well as third-party vendors.
Scheduled Maintenance & Inspections

Fully auditable inspections over time for vendor and team accountability

Our Cleaning Maps and Analytics dashboards can help your team not only ensure a safe & healthy environment for employees on a daily basis but also provide data to improve efficiency with your janitorial team and partners.

  • See inspections completed successfully over time and also which ones were missed.
  • View a complete historical record of passed and failed inspections.
  • Pull a complete inspection audit trail in minutes for any location, category, or asset.
Schedule Maintenance & Inspections CrowdComfort

Improve vendor accountability by tracking all third party work

Quickly track the real-time performance and operations of any task by your facilities team or third party vendors. Tasks that can be tracked include:

  • Landscaping
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Security rounds
  • Battery Replacement (Fire Alarms, Security Cameras, etc.)
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing
  • Much More.

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