Mobile-first incident management that's secure and actionable

CrowdComfort integrates bi-directionally with ServiceNow to provide a mobile-first solution that improves the service experience for employees and IT teams while enhancing the data that enters your ServiceNow incident records.

With CrowdComfort, employees identify more IT, AV and conference room issues while facilities and IT teams resolve them faster. In short, everyone has a better experience and it makes your investment in ServiceNow more valuable.

  • A single mobile-first solution for employees to submit IT, AV and conference room requests alongside facilities requests
  • Every request captured with interior location and imagery included and updated in ServiceNow incident records
  • Voice of occupant scores automatically populate ServiceNow survey data for every employee request
  • Enterprise grade features for security and single sign on (SSO)

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Supercharging ServiceNow to improve the employee experience while streamlining IT and facilities operations

ServiceNow offers you the foundation for improved data and performance for your IT, facilities and workplace operations.

CrowdComfort provides the mobile-first front end experience employees will love with the complete analytics your services team needs to work smarter and faster in app and in ServiceNow.

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A mobile service request experience that is enterprise quality

CrowdComfort's mobile-first solutions enable your employees and service teams to collaborate on IT and facilities requests in a modern way.

With Single Sign On (SSO) and enterprise security built in, it's an experience that drives better engagement, more accountability and significantly more positive feedback for your service teams.

  • Easy mobile IT request experience for employees by scanning a QR code
  • Two-way data sync that enables facilities team to resolve requests from their mobile device and/or the ServiceNow incident record
  • Enterprise grade security and Single Sign On (SSO) through OpenID Connect
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Geo-location, category and images that drive faster resolution in ServiceNow

You no longer have to rely on limited location information for each request.

With CrowdComfort's patented geolocation technology, every service request is tagged with the building, floor and location so you know exactly what the request is and where it's located. All in addition to category and imagery information that can ensure your services team has the tools to resolve the issue.

  • QR code driven geo-location for each employee request that automatically passes accurate location into the ServiceNow incident record
  • Image collection to give your facilities team more information on what the issue is and what they'll need to fix it
  • Bi-directional integration to automatically updates records in CrowdComfort and ServiceNow when a request is updated or resolved in either system
Employee Workplace Experience CrowdComfort

Instant employee workplace experience scores that prove your value

Ensuring proper comfort in your workplace enhances productivity, collaboration and health for your employees. CrowdComfort helps services teams prove the value they have in created a safe, healthy and productive workplace experience. All voice of customer scores in CrowdComfort populate ServiceNow incident survey data.

  • Employee experience scores captured with every completed employee request with average response rates of 40%
  • In-app messaging that enables collaboration with employees and the facilities team member
  • Mobile experience that provides a 95% employee satisfaction rating on average
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