Workplace Experience Newsletter June 2022: What is the Future of the Workplace?

by Alexis Greenwald in June 29th, 2022

by Alexis Greenwald in Return to OfficeWorkplace Experience

This month's articles will look at the key data points from recent studies around the future of the office, hybrid work, and sustainable workplaces.

We hope this content is helpful as you build out and execute your return to the office plans with employees.

Remote, Office or Hybrid: What The Job Landscape May Look Like in 2023- Solomon Amar (Forbes)

 Many people have asked the question "What will the workforce look like in a year from now?" This article takes a deeper look through key data trends to predict what 2023 will look like. The pandemic illustrated employees can work 24 months+ remotely and still get the job done. Hybrid will continue to be a model that the office needs to fit into.

Here are some questions to ask when thinking about workplace models:

  • Would your productivity suffer because of remote work?
  • Are you losing candidates due to in-office employment?
  • What will bring the most benefits for the company in the long run?


The World's Workplace is Broken -- Here's How to Fix It - Jon Clifton (Gallup) 

Gallup shares some data on not only where we are with workplace models but where workers are both financially and mentally. They discuss "work-life balance" with recommendations on how businesses should implement four-day workweeks and expand remote work to impact employee happiness and productivity. Gallup's "State of the Global Workplace" report can be found here.

 Here are some highlights:

  • 23% of business have a higher profit with engaged workers compared to businesses with miserable workers
  • The managers effect on a workplace predicts 70% of the variance in team engagement just by getting to know the boss
  • 51% of actively disengaged workers said job stress caused them to behave poorly with loved ones 


Workers Want to Return to Green Offices - Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Employees don't just want cleaner offices, they also want greener offices. Sustainability has become a large trend in every industry since the pandemic, specially for businesses as we return to the office. This will continue to be an important trend for employers as many employees are paying attention to how sustainable their office is.

Here's a few interesting data points:

  • 75% of U.S. workers said they want a more environmentally friendly workplace
  • 51% of people became more eco-conscious when working from home
  • 46% of people are now more aware of how green their workplace is


How Companies are Shifting Their Office Spend to Lure Reluctant Workers Back- Ian Thomas (CNBC)

A company's biggest investment should be their employees. In a hybrid world, we are seeing businesses begin to invest more in employee related enhancements to ensure the office is a valuable place to do work. Overall, companies are exploring the worlds of at home and in-person work, and determining how this impacts their strategies and spend.

Here's a few highlights:

  • Spaces need to better suit the workforce today in order to return-to-office, with the role of the traditional office being questioned
  • Flexibility is the buzzword for the ultimate power dynamic of employee-employer
  • How the experience evolves could determines the rate of coming back to the office


Billionaires Think a Recession Will Force You Back Into the Office - Clio Chang (New York Curbed)

 With employees nervous to lose their jobs, returning to the office will become popular for job security. While the future of the workplace is uncertain, there are a couple of factors pointing to a high return-to-office. These include the recession affects, lower property costs, and higher probability in the office. 

Key takeaways from the research pointing to a return-to-office:

  • Office occupancy rate in NYC was 40% earlier this month for the first time since COVID19
  • According to an NYU and Columbia Business School analysis, by 2029 office property taxes will drop by $600 million


2022 Workplace Experience Ideabook (Direct Download) - Various Contributors

This year we were able to get 20+ CRE experts to share their ideas on the future of work and the impact the office can play in flexible work. We asked them the following question, "What strategies can help make the office a meaningful part of work for employees in 2022 and beyond?".

Ideas were provided by:

  • Vik Bangia (Verum Consulting)
  • James Scott (MIT Center of Real Estate)
  • Dan Anninos (Iron Mountain)
  • Hiro Monji (Hines)
  • Simon Davis (Purposeful Intent)
  • Kay Sargent (HOK)
  • Nellie Hayat (Density)
  • Fernanda Belo (VergeSense)
  • Brendan O'Neill (Robin)
  • Janet Morra (Margulies Perruzzi)
  • Nikki Rafie and Elfreda Chan (Twitter)
  • And many more.

The link below will give you direct access to the ideabook with no signup required. Happy reading!


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