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Below you will find information on CrowdComfort and our mobile-first facilities and custodial solutions.

At CrowdComfort, we help your team be more productive and efficient. Every solution includes real-time, geo-located data and analytics enabling your teams to quickly identify improvements and act on them immediately for instant value.

We help large K-12 school districts to validate every day facilities, custodial and maintenance activities providing an enhanced employee experience with our Mobile Workplace Request, Cleaning Maps & Analytics and Schedule Maintenance & Inspections solutions.

Mobile Workplace Request App

Facilities Requests Mobile App

Our Facilities Request App enables employees to easily submit workplace and facilities requests with the type, location and imagery needed to quickly resolve the request. These requests are routed in real-time to your facilities team with indoor location, timestamps, images and category for quicker resolution and significant time savings.

Cleaning Maps & Analytics

Our Cleaning Maps & Analytics enable your team to have real-time data on compliance with your health & safety standards including cleaning, sanitization and air filter changes. Give employees greater confidence in the procedures you have in your office while driving full accountability with your cleaning vendors and team.

Scheduled Maintenance & Inspections

Scheduled Maintenance & Inspections (New)

Our Schedule Maintenance & Inspections solution enables you to track any scheduled or periodic tasks and inspections including snow removal, fire alarms, security checks, HVAC, security cameras, landscaping and any other task based on the time thresholds you determine.

How a F500 Company Reduced Response Time by 80%

Cleaning Maps & Analytics 2 Page Overview

This overview shares the feature set, use cases and benefits of Cleaning Maps for your organization

Workplace Experience Ideabookcase

Case Study: How a large K-12 school district improved cleaning performance

This is the case study of how one of the largest K-12 school districts in the U.S. used Cleaning Maps & Analytics improved efficiency and custodial performance.

How a Pharma company saved $300,000 annually with mobile workplace requests

Webinar: Five Ways to Improve your Summer Cleaning Strategy

This webinar shared insights and strategies to improve your Summer Cleaning programs from industry expert Dan Ringo.


You can use CrowdComfort to power the next level of experience for students, teachers and staff in your school district. Delivering unprecedented transparency, personal safety, and confidence.


CrowdComfort has been deployed in over 100M square feet of facilities managed

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