Cleaning & Janitorial Partners

Differentiate your janitorial services with improved efficiency and greater transparency

CrowdComfort partners with Janitorial Services providers to help them digitize their cleaning efforts for clients with real-time reporting on every cleaning on every client floor plan. This value-added solution helps your team efficiency while providing additional revenue streams for your business.

  • Mobile and web apps purposely built for cleaning teams to quickly and easily report cleaning was done
  • Real-time alerts when cleaning needs to be done based on last cleaning
  • Complete cleaning dashboards with last cleaning by timestamp, location and cleaning standards

Trusted by forward-thinking janitorial providers

We work with some of the most forward thinking janitorial providers across the U.S. helping to provide transparency to their clients that cleaning promised is cleaning delivered!

Become a partner with CrowdComfort to differentiate your services

We believe transparency with data is integral to good client relationships. That's why we work with janitorial services providers to better communicate the value of their work through data. Our Cleaning Maps & Analytics solution can be a value-added service that enables your team to work more effectively while providing a better client experience.


Every Cleaning Validated

Our employee facing solutions enable you to ensure your on-site team is meeting the cleaning standards for every client while quickly identifying issues along the way in real-time.


Mobile First

We believe mobile is integral to working quickly and intelligently in physical environments. We have smartphone and web apps that make it easy for your team to use.


Personalized Geo-located Data

Facilities data without location and timestamps is worthless! We ensure every cleaning includes the exact locations on your clients floor plans with the cleaning standards you agreed to.


Preferred Pricing

We understand our solution is more valuable the more clients you use it in. That's why we have preferred pricing based on the square footage you use.

Real-time Actionable Analytics

We ensure you have access to all of your data in real-time with dashboards so your team leads can quickly identify issues and track progress during the day.

Download our Cleaning Maps & Analytics Partnership Overview

Cleaning Maps & Analytics CrowdComfort

Cleaning data that is digitized, actionable and geolocated

CrowdComfort Cleaning Maps & Analytics can be a key differentiator of your services while providing an additional revenue stream with clients

  • Improve real-time operations with to the minute alerts and visualizations of cleaning work
  • Track all your cleaning efforts to comply with local, state and federal regulations with a full historical audit trail
  • Identify potential cost savings and operational efficiencies with customizable reporting and dashboards that can be shared with clients

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