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Get occupants back into your buildings with improved confidence in health & safety

CrowdComfort partners with REITs and landlords to provide full cleaning transparency and accountability while capturing occupant feedback across your real estate footprints. This helps you identify cost and energy savings while being a value added service to retain and acquire new customers.

  • Real-time cleaning tracking and compliance by location and type
  • Digital signage or web portals to show occupants when areas were last cleaned and/or sanitized
  • Ability for occupants to scan QR codes to provide feedback on building performance such as heating issues
  • Real-time analytics dashboards to ensure vendors are meeting agreed upon cleaning and health standards

Trusted by forward-thinking REITs and landlords

We work with some of the most forward-thinking REITs and landlords across the U.S. helping to provide cleaning transparency that gives them confidence in a safe, healthy return to the office.


Become a partner with CrowdComfort to differentiate your real estate services

We believe transparency with data is integral to good client relationships. That's why we work with REITs and landlords to give up to date cleaning information to their occupants. Our Cleaning Maps & Analytics solutions provide a value-added services that provides more accountability from your cleaning providers while providing a better overall occupant experience that helps client retention and acquisition.

Cleaning Compliance

Every Cleaning Validated

Every cleaning across your real estate footprint is tracked and validated based on your standards. This provides greater confidence to tenants while ensuring proper budgeting.


Mobile First

We believe mobile is integral to working quickly and intelligently in physical environments. We have smartphone and web apps that make it easy for occupants and cleaning teams.


Personalized Geo-located Data

Cleaning data without location and timestamps is worthless! We ensure every cleaning includes the exact locations on your clients floor plans with the cleaning standards you agreed to.


Preferred Pricing

We understand our solution is more valuable the more space you use it in. That's why we have preferred pricing based on the square footage you use.

Real-time Actionable Analytics

We ensure you have access to all of your data in real-time with dashboards so your team leads can quickly identify issues and track progress during the day.


Download our REIT & Landlord overview for Cleaning Maps

Solutions built to ensure safe, healthy and productive environments for tenants

At CrowdComfort, we specialize in mobile-first solutions that help your team create better tenant experiences. Every solution includes real-time, geo-located data and analytics enabling your teams to quickly identify improvements and act on them immediately for instant value for tenants.

With the Return to the Office, we are helping large organizations provide an enhanced employee experience with our Mobile Workplace Request and Cleaning Maps & Analytics solutions.

Mobile Workplace Request App

Mobile Building Request App

Our Mobile Workplace Request App enables occupants to easily submit building requests such as hot/cold calls with the type, location and imagery needed to quickly resolve the request. These requests are routed in real-time to the facilities team to ensure better experiences for occupants and identify key building issues and energy savings in real-time.

Cleaning Maps & Analytics

Our Cleaning Maps & Analytics enable your clients to have real-time data on compliance with their health & safety standards including cleaning, sanitization and air filter changes. Give clients greater confidence in the procedures you have in your office while driving full accountability that standards are being met.


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