Janitorial Employee Performance Programs

5 Steps to Creating a Janitorial Employee Performance Program

5 Steps to Creating a Janitorial Employee Performance Program

The first step of any performance program is to determine how you can centrally measure performance across your teams and employees. This data should be available in real-time and easily analyzed for these programs. For custodial teams, data typically used for performance programs includes: Confirmed Cleanings: Custodial work is daily and there are new Cleaning Analytics solutions that can help you track the everyday cleaning rounds of your team with a mobile device across every cleaning location. This can help understand which employees do the most work each day and determine the workload that can be expected by your janitorial staff for every building. Quality Assurance Ratings: Quantity is important but so is quality. Many organizations utilize Cleaning Quality Assurance tools to have managers provide scoring based on cleaning quality on a semi-regular basis. This can be married with the confirmed cleanings data to provide a holistic look at quantity and quality of work done by employees. Other Duties and Work: Custodial staff often gets pulled into plenty of other tasks and responsibilities. Any solution you use to capture performance data needs to make it easy to include this work including extra cleanings, fixing equipment, moving furniture or other tasks asked for by the occupant. If you are still using pen to paper for these measurements, you may want to look toward digital cleaning tools to make this data actionable. It will enable you to see the data better in real-time and to create a historical audit trail of all cleanings by all team members in order to evaluate performance.

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