The #1 one factor impacting high employee satisfaction is…

by Kevin Loos February 7th, 2020

Responsiveness! Employees just want to be heard.

This finding may seem intuitive for many, but CrowdComfort has recently unlocked the data to support it.

In 2018 CrowdComfort officially released a new “rate-your-experience” feature in-app as a way for employees to score their experience with facility-related service delivery. This may not sound groundbreaking to some, but over 85% of service request software providers have no way to collect this data in a simple and easy manner. Without this data it is nearly impossible to answer even the most basic questions 

1) Are my facility teams performing well?

2) How can we improve employee satisfaction with the service delivery?

CrowdComfort’s “rate-your-experience” feature has unlocked a valuable set of data to answer both these questions. In just the first few months of launching the feature there were hundreds of data points to work with. One of the most impactful findings is that the variable most closely correlated to a high level of satisfaction is responsiveness. This superseded other items like resolution time, work type, and person who fixed the issue.  

This tells us that people just want to be heard, even if it’s not the response they may have wanted. A simple response like “parts have been ordered” or “thanks, the work is scheduled for tomorrow at 10AM” can have a meaningful impact for the employees. Especially if you consider that most reporting channels across the workplace often feel like sending a message into a black hole, leaving employees frustrated. In fact, a recent report published by ISS found the 48% of employees across the globe said they wished their workplace technology worked like their personal technology, with features that include simplicity and automated updates.  

On top of these benefits, the scores captured through the “rate-your-experience” feature can then be tied to Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key measurement of success at many leading global companies.

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