Product Announcement: CrowdComfort launches new iOS user interface for mobile facilities management app

by Chris Brablc December 15th, 2020

CrowdComfort is announcing the launch of the new iOS user interface, which is now available in the App Store. The new interface offers several enhancements that will ensure better data capture and improve the user experience for employees and facilities teams.

CrowdComfort’s mobile facilities management app and analytics platform enables employees and management to collaborate to reduce facilities costs and create great work environments, producing happier and more productive employees.

Used by real estate, facilities and workplace experience teams to create an exceptional workplace experience, CrowdComfort’s mobile app and COVID Cleaning Maps are being utilized to help employers with their return to work strategies. With a shift to more flexible and open workplaces, employers are looking for ways to ensure employees have everything they need to take advantage of their physical workplaces while having direct communication to serve their needs.

With CrowdComfort, employees can quickly report any cleaning needs, request restocking of hand sanitizer/wipes, or any other items helping to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Below is more information on what the new UI means for employees and facilities teams.

Enhancements for Employees and Facilities Teams

In addition to a sleek new look & feel (see above), the new UI includes several enhancements that make it even easier for employees to submit and keep track of their workplace requests in the office.

Upgraded Login Workflow: An enhanced and more streamlined registration & sign-in process enables non-single sign on users to access the app faster and easier while still adhering to enterprise security standards. Single sign on is also fully supported for enterprise customers.

Better Identification of Duplicate Reports: Our new workflow makes it easier for employees to see what requests have already been submitted to eliminate duplicate requests for the same issue. Integrations with CMMS systems can ensure better data capture in these legacy systems.

Redesigned Module Layout: New intuitive layout makes it easier and faster for employees to select the appropriate category when submitting a workplace request and gives you greater control in customizing this view for your own unique needs.

This is a snapshot of the new CrowdComfort mobile app with the streamlined workplace request screen and voice of customer rating function after request completion.

Get a Personalized Demo with the new user experience!

The new user experience is available via the Apple App Store for all users.

If you are interested in a personalized demo of the new solution, you can sign up here.

We’ll get back to you right away!


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